Like all sports, the martial arts can be a great way to channel a child's time and energy into a positive and focused discipline. In a community filled with many challenges, from broken homes that lack positive role models, to streets that tempt the idle with drugs and violence, the Martial Arts can be used as a tool to bring purpose and direction to young people. The Martial Arts not only teach virtuous character traits, such as honesty, integrity, courage, determination and self-discipline, but they also provide an avenue to build relationships with the youth, and in turn, the families in the community.

A year ago, we began a prevention program using jiujitsu and submission wrestling for this purpose. We now have about 40 youth enrolled in this program. It has been a great privilege to serve the community through this project, and see first hand the difference it is making in so many of their lives.

All the prevention projects on this site were created and implemented by us at the YWAM Recife base. As soon as we move to the new site, "With Open Arms" will start and implement the projects in the new community.

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